State of Implementation

Release 0.9.4-12

  • Handle HCP as a Target object, responsible for IP address resolution (by-passing the local DNS cache, per default) and assigning IP addresses out of an internally cached pool to Connection objects. As of today, it handles the native http/reST interface. Support for HS3 and HSwift is planned.

    Support for automated usage of a replicated HCP will be implemented soon, with various usage strategies available.

  • Supports verification of SSL certificates presented by HCP when using https against a private CA chain file or the system’s trusted CA store. Default is not to verify certificates.

  • Provide Connection objects related to Target objects, responsible for traffic handling, service time measurement as well as handling of errors and timeouts. Connections are persistent for a configurable idle time, and are automatically re-connected on next use, if they timed out on idle.

  • Easy access to namespace information and statistics.

  • The pathbuilder subpackage builds a path/name combination to be used to store an object into HCP, keeping the number of needed folders low.

  • Provide convenience methods for the Management API (MAPI). This is a bit limited today, but will be extended primarily on the authors needs. Available today:

    • Chargeback report download (requires at least HCP 5.0)

      New in version 0.9.4.

    • Log file download (requires at least HCP 7.2)

      New in version 0.9.3.

    • Replication link information, link failover/failback (requires at leat HCP 7.0)

    • Tenant management (mostly listing Tenants, yet)

      New in version 0.9.4.